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  This is a noncommercial site devoted to the collection of snow sleds.  The focus is to examine and display recreational snow sleds, mostly Flexible Flyers.  The sleds of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries came about as technology suggested improved design and artwork adorned the tools of play.  The development of the designs demonstrates a continuing shift away from art and toward technology and speed.  The steering mechanisms of the Flexible Flyers shows a continued study of what works better.  The advertising over the years showed the orientation to better technology.

  My own interest stems from my childhood and my Airline Patrol, shown in the header of this site.  Many afternoons were spent racing on local hills near Syracuse NY where I grew up.  Later, having kept the sled, we began to use it as a center piece on our dining room table during the holidays.  The sled and table allowed the addition of a small N gauge train between the sled and place settings.

  Then, I learned that other types of sleds existed and I gained interest in the differences.  The collection began at a nearby antique store and quickly spread to ebay.  Some of my collection is displayed on the page called "Jon's Slope."  Click on the link to view them.

  I learned that there is not a lot on the Internet about sleds and that there is a need for more online information on the subject.  The standard reference is the beautiful book by Joan Palicia, Flexible Flyer and Other Great Sleds for Collectors (Atglen PA: Schiffer Pub Co., 1997)  Joan reviewed our site and wrote in part: "If anyone would like an autographed copy they may contact me by email or call 973-831-0527.... I would also welcome questions.  Good Luck with the site, many thanks and may you continue to enjoy .......... Smooth Sledding"

  For more on other sources, click on the links page above.



  Since this is a hobby site, others are invited to send me pictures of their sleds to be displayed. 



  To begin with, we will display antique sleds and stay primarily with those manufactured by Flexible Flyer, Duncannon Sled Works (Lighting Guiders etc), and Paris.  Other sleds of interest have been added and guest slopes display sleds of several brands.   We invite inquiries and suggestions.  When writing about your sled, please be as descriptive as possible and send a picture.  We do not give values, but will help you identify your sled.



Site established  Jan   4, 2003

Updated             Apr  28, 2014

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